Japanese Last Names

japanese last names

Japanese last names with meanings in English. Here we list the most common Japanese surnames as they currently stand. Each name is presented with it's meaning and kanji. Based on the Japanese surname Dictionary (日本苗字大辞典) issued in July 1996, there are 291,129 different surnames in Japan. If surnames are pronounced or romanized the same but written with different Kanji, they are counted as different surnames.

There are believed to be approximately 300,000 Japanese surnames in Japan. The top 10 surnames cover approximately 10% of the population while the top 7,000 cover slightly more than 96%. The top 5 names include ( in order of occurrence ) Sato, Suzuki, Takahashi, Tanaka and Watanabe. Family name meanings commonly take inspiration from the environment and geographical features such as forests, mountains, valleys, rich fields or stone.

Our Japanese last names list is divided into three sections with the common English reading on the left, the name's English translation listed in the middle section and the original Japanese kanji reading on the right. As we continue to grow the collection we will be adding links to further information regarding each surname.

If you find any names missing from the list that you would like to see included here please post at comment using the form below and I'll review the list as soon as possible. 

Sato help wisteria佐藤
Suzuki small bell tree鈴木
Takahashi tall bridge高橋
Tanaka rice field middle田中
Watanabe cross boundary渡辺
Ito that wisteria伊藤
Yamamoto mountain true山本
Nakamura in a village中村
Ohayashi small forest小林
Kobayashi small forest小林
Kato increase wisteria加藤
Kichida joy rice field吉田
Yoshida joy rice field吉田
Yamada mountain rice field山田
Sasaki help tree佐々木
Yamaguchi mountain mouth山口
Matsumoto pine tree true松本
Ine town above井上
Inoue town above井上
Saito purification wisteria斎藤
Kimura tree village木村
Hayashi grove
Rin grove
Kiyomizu pure water清水
Shimizu pure water清水
Yamasaki mountain cape山崎
Ikeda pond rice field池田
Abe section nook阿部
Mori forest
Hashimoto bridge true橋本
Yamashita mountain below山下
Ishikawa stone river石川
Nakashima center island中島
Maeda in front of rice field前田
Fujita wisteria rice field藤田
Ogawa small river小川
Kokawa small river小川
Okada hill rice field岡田
Gato behind wisteria後藤
Goto behind wisteria後藤
Hasegawa long valley river長谷川
Hayagawa long valley river長谷川
Samurakami village above村上
Murakami village above村上
Kondo near wisteria近藤
Chikafuji near wisteria近藤
Ishii stone well石井
Sakamoto hill true坂本
Endo distant wisteria遠藤
Aoki green tree青木
Fujii wisteria well藤井
Nishimura west village西村
Fukuda lucky rice field福田
Oota large rice field太田
Miura three bays三浦
Fujihara wisteria meadow藤原
Okamoto hill true岡本
Matsuda pine tree rice field松田
Saitou alike wisteria斉藤
Nakagawa middle river中川
Nakano middle field中野
Harada meadow rice field原田
Ono small field小野
Kono small field小野
Sanu small field小野
Takeuchi bamboo house竹内
Tamura rice field village田村
Kaneko gold child金子
Wada Japanese rice field和田
Nakayama middle mountain中山
Ishida stone rice field石田
Ageda upper rice field上田
Ueda upper rice field上田
Kamida upper rice field上田
Jouda upper rice field上田
Morita forest rice field森田
Hara meadow
Shibata firewood rice field柴田
Sakai sake town酒井
Sakei sake town酒井
Kudo construct wisteria工藤
Kodo construct wisteria工藤
Yokoyama side mountain横山
Miyazaki palace cape宮崎
Miyamoto palace true宮本
Uchida within rice field内田
Kouki tall tree高木
Takaki tall tree高木
Ando peaceful wisteria安藤
Taniguchi valley mouth谷口
Oono large field大野
Imai now town今井
Maruyama round mountain丸山
Kouda tall rice field高田
Takata tall rice field高田
Kawano river field河野
Kouno river field河野
Fujimoto wisteria true藤本
Ojima small island小島
Kojima small island小島
Takeda warrior rice field武田


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